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The Jenniburn Centre SCIO

Our Trustees:                   Who They Are

Christine Dolan



Emma Sloan



    Toyin Adebayo                        Liz Cosby

         Marie Wallace               Debbie Burrows

Our Trustees:                   What They Do

Trustees - all living or working in the local community - and our partners from voluntary and statutory bodies - work together to tackle the many issues facing residents in Castlemilk and beyond.

Needs are amply demonstrated by consideration of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. The latest figures available show that the area, despite all the cosmetic improvements of recent years, remains in the 5% most deprived areas of Scotland in terms of income deprivation, low employment, poor health, housing, high crime rate and low educational attainment.

The essence of the work is that no single body can address these issues and that the solutions are as multi-faceted as the problems. There is one factor, however, that is common to almost all the issues faced by the community. That is that for services to be accessible and to be delivered effectively, they need to be delivered as close to the community as possible.

Territorial imperatives, either real or perceived, remain a problem as does the cost (either actual or consequential in terms of child care, organisation etc) of travelling to venues out with the immediate environs of the homes of individuals who, in cases of, for example, addiction issues may have what are unkindly referred to as chaotic lifestyles and for whom every possible barrier to services must be removed.

The role of Trustees is not merely in the passive provision of accommodation for activities, it is in actively lobbying for services to be brought to the community rather than expecting the opposite to be the case.  Further, it is using revenue earning strategies to cross subsidise priority groups such as, for example, the Foodbank and G-Anon, Jobs Counselling Services etc which help them to be located where they are needed.

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