The Jenniburn Centre SCIO
The Jenniburn Centre SCIO

The Staff Team

A staff of four (one full-time and three part-time) are employed at The Jenniburn and operate under the guidance and management of the Board of Trustees.


Of the four, three live locally and only one hails from outside Castlemilk.

Caretaker (Full-Time): Mary McQuilken

Mary started work in The Jenniburn before it was even officially opened in January 1998 and has been here ever since! Having brought up her family across the road, she knows the area, and most of the people as well,  an invaluable attribute! 

As full-time Caretaker, Mary is on duty, Mondays to Fridays and has proved, and continues to be, indispensable.

Caretaker (Part-TimeGemma Campbell

Gemma is relatively new to the team having been appointed in September of 2019. She’ll be seen on duty mostly in evenings and at weekends and, as another long-term resident of the area will be a well kennt face to many.

Gemma, a lively personality, regularly goes above and beyond what she is actually paid for!

Caretaker (Part-Time) Nik Tyler

Nik came to The Jenniburn late in 2021 and has already proved to be an asset to the team. Despite working mind-numbing hours when his other job is added to his time at The Jenniburn, he was always made himself available for everything asked - and more.  Mind you, he has still to provide the requested photo for the Site!

Administrator (Part-TimeGordon D Peden

Gordon, the only non-local in the team, came to The Jenniburn following a long career in local government and some years of consultancy work. It was intended to be for a relatively brief period until the novelty (on both sides) wore off. At the time of writing (2022) that was eighteen years ago! Gordon's a bit nocturnal, he'll be in most mornings about 0730 and is seldom seen after 1400 unless covering for leave or absences.

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