The Jenniburn Centre SCIO
The Jenniburn Centre SCIO

Our Centre

The Centre is built over one level with ramp access/egress at the Ardencraig end of the building.


It comprises units of varying sizes and lends itself to accommodating a wide range of activities and meeting places - from one to one meetings, to events for over 100 people.


A catering facility (The T-Jenni Café) is available for centre users, with operating patterns dictated by the centre programme.


You can click on the schematic below to enlarge the image and to see dimensions and registered capacities for the various units:

The Gallery below shows the main units in The Jenniburn and some examples of how they are put to use.

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The Jenniburn Centre SCIO

370 Tormusk Road

G45 0HE

Tel: 0141 630 1323


Or use our online contact form.


The website is here to tell you the who, what and why about our Centre.

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The best place to go for NEWS about what's on and when in The Jenniburn is our Twitter Feed (see below).