The Jenniburn Centre SCIO
The Jenniburn Centre SCIO

About us

Trustees of The Jenniburn Centre SCIO aim to continue and develop partnerships with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations to bring a wide range of services for the community, to the community.

Trustees do not ignore the more traditional roles of such centres in the provision of venues for recreational, cultural and leisure activities and these are catered for, but there is a greater emphasis on overcoming barriers, be they territorial or perceptual, for the delivery of relevant services in a venue which is readily accessible to the community.


In the immediate post Covid-19 era, at least we hope it's post Covid, we are in recovery mode and while not all activities will resume immediately - or in some cases at  all, The Jenniburn hopes to sustain and diversify the quality and quantity of provision. 


The links on the left will tell you more about the building, the staff and the Trustees who give their time and efforts voluntarily to make The Jenniburn work.

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