The Jenniburn Centre was officially opened on 16 January 1998.

Built to replace three community centres in East Castlemilk which had been demolished to free ground for a new housing development, The Centre aims to provide services for local people, learning opportunities, social activities for all age groups and to offer a venue for a wide range of events.

Run by and for the community, a voluntary Management Committee comprising local residents, representatives of community projects & user groups oversees the operation of the building and a staff of  four.

We also host the T-Jenni Cafe and Selina's Hair Salon & Butterfly Makeup Artistry by Emma.
Find out more about The Jenniburn by looking through the site, calling (0141/630/1323), going to our  Contact Page , Facebook entry or, best of all, why not just drop in?

Welcome to The Jenniburn Centre