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Officially opened in January 1998, The Jenniburn Centre is run for and by members of the local community.


Built to replace three community centres which were demolished to free ground for housing, The Jenniburn in addition to the provision of a base for social and leisure activities, works in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations to bring a wide range of services for the community, to the community.


A voluntary Board of Trustees, largely comprising local residents, manages the facility.


The commitment and competence of Trustees was recently demonstrated by their successful completion of the Keystone Award in 2019 and by the way activities at The Jenniburn have been sustained and developed in an increasingly hostile financial environment.

Have a look through our website to learn more about us and the projects we're involved in.


If you're interested in our work, check out the website and, if you'd like to contribute to our organisation or use the services available, please don't hesitate to contact us. New blood is  always welcome.


Versions of The Welcome page are available in several community languages by clicking on the appropriate flag. 


We lack the financial resources to employ translators, so have had to rely on what is available online.

We apologise for any/the many errors in translation and for not being able to acknowledge every minority ethnic language spoken in our community.

Searching for "translations" will offer a number of options. ​

Alternatively, you can use the translation app at the top of pages throughout the site to read the content in any one of 108 different languages.

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The website is here to tell you the who, what and why about our Centre.

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